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Georgia Real Estate License Law Core Course $30

Mandatory for all Georgia real estate agents and brokers. This 3-hour course is Georgia-specific and breaks down rules, regulations and laws regarding the practice of real estate into simple, easy-to-understand content helping students to better understand and stay within the boundaries of the Georgia state laws.

Topics included are:

  1. The effects on license status by a licensee of prohibited conduct

  2. Transfer of a license from one firm to another

  3. Requirements concerning trust or escrow accounts

  4. Unfair trade practices

  5. Brokerage relationships

  6. Management responsibilities of real estate firms

  7. Requirements for advertising

  8. Handling real estate transactions

  9. Licensees acting as principals

Federal Law and Commercial Real Estate $30

This course acquaints students with specific laws pertaining to commercial real estate ownership. Includes laws governing environmental issues, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and interstate land sales.


Principles of Commercial Real Estate $30

Understand the different types of commercial real estate including office space, retail space and storage facilities. Additional topics include industrial real estate brokerage, site selection, land development, and the effect of local and regional labor markets on commercial real estate.


Short Sales and Foreclosures (v2) $30

This course discusses short sale transactions, short sale alternatives, the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA II/Short Sale) and Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP Tier 1 and 2) program, and the impact of short sales on buyers, sellers, and lenders. It also addresses the licensee's role in a short sale, including how to prepare a short sale packet for a lender. Discussed also is the MARS Rule and how it applies to licensees assisting clients with short sales. The course concludes with a discussion of tenant rights during and after a short sale and types of lender fraud that may be attempted in short sale transactions.


Tax Free Exchanges $30

Covers the basics of a tax free exchange of residential investment property. Topics covered include requirements of a tax free exchange, types of exchanges and the methods for transferring title when an exchange takes place.


Green Home Features $25

This course covers features of a "green home," including energy and water efficiency, lighting, appliances, and renewable energy. It also addresses methods of controlling heat loss and conserving energy.


Prequalifying Your Buyer in Todays Market $25

This course provides an overview of real estate financing, and describes the different types of loans and loan programs as well as lending sources. Students will learn how to calculate debt ratios and use loan factors to complete mathematical calculations related to mortgage loans. Students will also estimate closing costs for different types of loans. The instruction is followed with a scenario for which the student will do the prequalifying computations and complete a loan comparison worksheet for the buyers in the scenario.


Using the Internet in your Real Estate Practice: An Introduction $25

The impact the Internet has on your business and the technology needed get on-line are covered in this course. Learn to utilize the Internet and email to market your listings, manage leads, maximize exposure and locate valuable resources.


ADA and Fair Housing $20

ADA legislation affects the business of every real estate agent. Find out what the laws cover and how it pertains to you, while refreshing your knowledge of the Federal Fair Housing Laws.

Check it out: Home Inspections in Real Estate $20

Just how important is a home inspection? How can you limit your liability during the home inspection process? What do your clients need to know about the home inspection process? This real estate continuing education elective answers all these questions and more, making sure your closings go smoothly.

Ethics in Real Estate (v8) $20

Ethics in Real Estate covers the NAR Code of Ethics and reviews case studies pertaining to the code. Sample scenarios are included as a decision making practice for licensees. This course will insure that real estate professionals have a strong understanding of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Code of Ethics and understand the difference between ethical and unethical behavior.

(Meets NAR's 3-Hour Mandatory Ethics Renewal Training)

Environmental Hazards Disclosure $20

Protect yourself. Understand your responsibility for disclosure when environmental hazards are involved. This course provides an overview of the regulations, standards and legal rules in real estate for property disclosure. Specifically covered in detail are lead, mold, methamphetamine labs, asbestos, radon, and other environmental hazards.