Super Star Students:





"Shavon was one of the best teachers I have ever had. She demands the most out of her students and is also very encouraging. Whenever students in class would have a question, she wouldn't just give you the answer but guide you through the proper steps to finding the solution."

"Shavon's encouragement, help, support, & belief in me greatly impacted my class success. I hope Shavon continues to teach other real estate licenses & post licenses courses because I will definately take any class she instructs. Shavon has helped me believe in myself."

"Shavon Echols is an impressively splendid instructor. She is very passionate and truly loves and enjoys working with people. I would recommend her to instruct any class as it relates to real estate. Superb Instructor!" 

"Shavon is my mentor. I want to continue in her footsteps."

"Shavon was very encouraging and helpful. She made sure that we were prepared before each test. I would take another class from her ANYDAY!"

"Shavon was a joy to be taught by. She was a "cheerleader" to me and very positive and encouraging."

“Words cannot do justice for my appreciation and gratitude to Shavon for her continuous encouragement and devotion to the class. She is a joy to associate with and an honor to know.”

Shavon cares about the success of her students and invests her time in their endevor."

"Everyone in class was supportive of one another and willing to make sure we all understood the criteria. Shavon went above and beyond in giving me the confidence needed to complete this course. thanks Shavon for being my instructor."

"Overall a wonderful instructor. Very dedicated to each and every student."

"Fun class! I've grown a lot through this experience."

"Shavon is the most supportive, positive person I know. I wouldn't have to think twice about ever taking another course with her. I couldn't ask for more from an instructor."

“Shavon did a great job of making assignments relevant and enjoyable! Thanks Shavon!”

"I enjoyed this class and would recommend it to others."

"Shavon is a wonderful teacher, she pays attention to individual students and their preffered learning methods and provides interactions that apply to each method. She's upbeat, encouraging, & informative. She's just great!"

"Shavon was great at encouraging all students and presented the material in an understandable fashion. TERRIFIC INSTRUCTOR!"

"Ms. Shavon pushed me to do my best with her guidance and expertise in learning. She allowed me to be more deligent in my studying and kept myself and the class motivated to keep pushing and learning the material. Without her, myself included, would not have made it through the class."

"Shavon is a positive, upbeat, & informative teacher. My wife and I only can say positive things about her. We really enjoyed the class. Challenging, but rewarding!"

"BEST TEACHER I'VE EVER HAD!" (college & education years combined..)

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