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Commercial Finance and Investment Analysis $49


A brief history of the savings and loan industry progresses into present commercial real estate financing practices. The different types of financing available to commercial properties and their characteristics are explained in detail. Investment evaluation methods including property comparison, appraisal, capitalization rates, and the time value of money are also covered.


Commercial Leases $49


This course analyzes the typical provisions of office, retail, and industrial leases. Formulas used to calculate rent, key negotiation points, and technical issues unique to industrial leases are also covered in great detail.


Commercial Sales and Exchanges $49


Aspects of the commercial sales transaction and tax deferred exchanges are covered in great detail. You will learn the essential elements of the contract, closing procedures, and documentation in a commercial sale along with the benefits and requirements of a tax deferred exchange.


Methods of Residential Finance $49


All of the various forms of residential real estate financing; including conventional, FHA, VA Loans, loan assumptions, purchase money mortgages, alternative financing are explained in this course. Also covers legislation relating to financing.


Structuring Ownership in Commercial Real Estate $49


The many different types of ownership available in commercial real estate and their implications are covered in this course. Issues addressed include liability, taxes, regulations, set up, and management as well as the benefits and drawbacks to each.


Green Home Construction $39


This course covers aspects of "green home" construction and sustainable design, including lot shopping, site work and landscaping, and building material choices. It also addresses safety considerations and waste management.


Licensees as Principal $39


Learn what you need to know and do as a licensee when you are involved in your own real estate transaction.


Pricing Property to Sell $39


Presents methods and principles for pricing property. Covers pricing compared to appraisal, basic concepts of pricing property, principles of value, approaches to pricing property and application of the market data and replacement cost methods.


Property Management $39


Defines key terms and identifies types of tenancies and rental agreements. Covers procedures for handling rental agreement termination, assignment, subletting, security deposits, trust accounts and trust funds and other practical topics.


Property Valuation: Income Capitalization Overview $39


This course covers the steps in the income approach to valuation, including estimating income and expenses and estimating capitalization rates. Both direct capitalization and yield capitalization are discussed. Students will apply what they learn using numerous examples.


Property Valuation: Cost Approach Overview $39


This course covers the steps in the cost approach to valuation, including methods for estimating cost and estimating depreciation. Students will apply what they learn using numerous examples.


Property Valuation: Sales Comparison Approach $39


This course covers the steps in the sales comparison approach to valuation. The course explains the data collection process and the various methods for estimating adjustments. Students will apply what they learn using numerous examples.


Tax Advantages of Home Ownership $39


Course covers types of tax benefits for homeowners and how to calculate the taxes that will impact the purchase of a home.


Writing Contracts $39


Reviews the fundamentals of writing contracts. Topics include presenting offers, legal descriptions, suggested wording for the method of payment section, earnest money, special stipulations and problems to avoid.


Management in a Brokerage Office $49


Some of the topics covered include guidelines for office financial and human resource management as well as budgeting, business planning, and government regulations.